Lucky Tool Pack 29-in-1 Useful Camping Tools



1. Blade and rope, the wire saw is also a survival tool, the rope can be used to do the trap, the blade used to cut things,

2. High frequency whistle to find others for help

3. Multi-function tool card with 11 kinds of multi-purpose small purpose, you can solve a variety of small outdoor problems

4. The knife can cut wood, rope, or other things, the flashlight can be lighting, help, and so on.

5. The compass and first aid supplies are used to help stay safe in the woods.

6. Climbing buckle and U buckle can climb in the climb or emergency use of self-help;

7. Aluminum paper is used to install water, reflective, warm, help, barbecue

8. Paper clips and pins can be stuffed, you can fix the map, you can rig a fish lure, use wire or any of the other 29 gadgets that come included in the package